Earth Day Every Day: Reduce There are many ways you can reduce the amount of waste you create. Take your kids products by instance and lead by example. Buy what’s necessarily and shop wisely!


You can teach your kids to get in the habit of reusing. Our platform helps you do that with ease. They can now share their extra toys and essentials with other children at the tip of their parents fingertips. Help them inculcate the values of sharing and making others happy!


Earth Day Every Day: Upcycle what’s not needed and what’s outgrown. Spread the joy and happiness by finding these products a new baby to enjoy it just as much as your baby did! Help another parent by helping us rehome

The ease of selling products with soldresold is unbeatable.. also they are super prompt.. I sold quiet a few of the big furniture items and in a matter of hours it was sold and a shipping label was created. All I had to do is pack and wait for the pickup. I wouldn't have sold those items and they would be lying unused in my home if the process was not so seamless.. Thank You!

A dear friend introduced me to your startup, and have been sold on it ever since because I truly believe in being as mindful and sustainable when it comes to shopping. A big thank you to SoldResold for finding me a Fisherprice jumperoo that my daughter absolutely loves it!!

Sold re sold is a terrific platform. And I love the simple idea behind it: to reduce waste. New age parents tend to go overboard buying a lot of stuff which often is never ever used. So it’s nice to see things bought with love and care, finding itself being used.

I’ve been wanting to thank Shradha & Heena for long. Since I’ve got to know about your platform, I am so happy to recycle the products. It gets us free space and some money back. I’ve sold so many items through you’ll and the entire process is always so seamless. I also appreciate your prompt payment system & not once have I needed to question. Thank you

I have been using soldresold since it first launched. I feel it's an amazing idea! Baby products are soo expensive and most are only useful for a few months. Soldresold has allowed me to indulge in all the products I want for my little one without feeling guilty. And the personal touch and efficiency with which it is operated makes it all the more special for me

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